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Sales Process Foundation Course

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Do you have to perform "CPR" on your sales daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Are you the only one who can consistently sell in your company? Or do you have only a few really great salespeople? 

Wonder what you have to do to get your salespeople to consistently sell?

Burning through cash and/or reserves when your salespeople fail to make their quota?

Are you tired of this? You are NOT the only one!

Sales managers know this is a common problem. About 80% of the sales comes from 20% of salespeople!

It costs money and resources to employ salespeople, why not maximize their production and create a much higher bean return for you? This is exactly why Sales Technology Academy was created! It consists of hundreds of lessons, videos, information, knoweldge, actual practical exercises and more that will help you and your salespeople reach their full potential by increasing their skills in:

  • Communication
  • Control
  • Contact
  • Certainty
  • Confidence
  • Competence
  • Closing
  • Customer Relationship

Sign up now! 

Sign up now!

$ 195.00 USD

“The difference between making it, and failing in business can come down to one sale.”


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Where is your sales weakness?

Where is your

Are you looking to improve your sales skills? Pinpoint your weaknesses?

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